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Enfusion Sallanches France 10.02.2018

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Enfusion Sallanches France 10.02.2018

Enfusion Talents #46 Sallanches France 10.02.2018 18.45 Local start time 17.45 GMT Time
1. 3X2 80Kg
Gomri Ramzi (France)             Vs        Mike Akwasi (Switzerland)    
2. 3X2  72.5Kg
David Oudin (France)             Vs        Kamel Benhkiat (France)    
3. 3X3 60Kg Hamza Sahli (France) Vs        Abderrahim Jouadi (Italy)    
4. 3X3 70Kg
Thierry Mosimann (Switzerland)         Vs        Adriano Tripoli (Italy)    
5. 3X3  67Kg
Yoann Mermoux (France)       Vs        Victor Bordage (France)    
6. 3X3 52Kg
Chafia Djouahra (France)                   Vs        Majda Amassafi (Italy)

Enfusion #60 Sallanches France 10.02.2018
1. 3X3 72.5Kg Tournament
Michael Palandre (France)                 Vs        Marvin Monteiro (Cape Verde)            
2. 3X3 72.5Kg Tournament
Frédéric Berichon (France)    Vs        Youssef Challouki (Belgium)  
3. 3X3 67Kg Antonin Marconi (France)                   Vs        Rachid Magmadi (France)  
4. 3X3 57Kg FEMALE
Amel Dheby (France)  Vs        Ruby Mesu (The Netherlands)  
5. 3X3 57Kg Enfusion World Title
Franck Gross (France)           Vs        Milan Iseli (Switzerland)   6. 3X3  85Kg Ulrik Bokeme (Congo)             Vs        Hicham El Gaoui (Morocco)  
7. 3X3 72.5kg Tournament Final WINNER FIGHT 2 VS WINNER FIGHT 3

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