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Enfusion live #51 Halifax, Canada, 08.07.17

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Enfusion live #51 Halifax, Canada, 08.07.17

 Start 21.00 local time (00.00 GMT) / Finish 23.32 local time (02.32 GMT)

RED                                                                 BLUE
  1. 3X3                                                                   HEAVYWEIGHTJp Shortall Canada 9 Vs Stephen Whitall Canada 8 
Jp Shortall (Canada) (9) Vs Stephen Whitall (Canada) (8) 
  1.   3X3                                                                   -85KG
 Mark MacKinnon Canada 2 Vs Joey George Canada 3Mark MacKinnon (Canada) (2)  Vs Joey George (Canada) (3) 
  1.   3X3                                                                   -70Kg
Chris McMillan Canada 4 Vs Kyle Nelson CanadaChris McMillan (Canada) (4) Vs Kyle Nelson (Canada) (5) 
  1.   3X3                                                                   -60Kg
Phanomsack Bounpaseth Laos 1 Vs Binaebi OtoruPhanomsack Bounpaseth (Laos) (1 )Vs Binaebi Otoru (Nigeria) (9)
  1.   3X3                                                                   -80Kg
Thomas Dalziel Canada 8 Vs Ariel Abreu Dominican RepublicThomas Dalziel (Canada) (8) Vs Ariel Abreu (Dominican Republic) (11)
  1.   5X2       ENFUSION WORLD TITLE                  -54Kg FEMALE
Iman Barlow England 4Vs Ashley Nichols CanadaIman Barlow (England) (4)Vs Ashley Nichols (Canada) (9)
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