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Enfusion Antwerpen 30.09.2017

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Enfusion Antwerpen 30.09.2017

Kickboxing Talents #36 Antwerp Belgium 30.9.201718.30 Local start time1. 3X3                                                                   -72.5Kg
Ilyas Boukyoua (Morocco) (own music) Vs       Youssef Challouki (Belguim) (16)
2. 3X3                                                                   -75Kg
Kurt Omer (Turkey) (3)       Vs       Jente Ugonna Nammadin (Belguim) (1)
3. 3X3                                                                   -80Kg
Redouan Asbai (Morocco) (9) Vs Mohamed El Massoui (Morocco) (4)
4.  3X3                                                                   -63Kg
Baris Karabas (Turkey) (4)  Vs Paul Jansen (The Netherlands) (8) 5.  3X3                                                                   HeavyweightEldar Oliveira Garcia (Cape Verde) (2) Vs Imad El Mountahi (Morocco) (6)
 6. 3X3                                                                   -65KgHamza Essalih (Morocco) (1) Vs Soufiane Kaddouri (Morocco) (2)

Enfusion #53 Antwerp Belgium 30.9.201721.00 Local start timeSchermafbeelding 2017-09-28 om 133329
  1. 3X3 67Kg  FEMALE
Najat Hasnouni Alaoui (Morocco)            Vs       Dolly Mc Bean (The Netherlands)
Schermafbeelding 2017-09-28 om 1335272.3X3 67KgYoussef El Haji (Morocco) Vs         Zakaria Sebbar (Morocco)Schermafbeelding 2017-09-28 om 133022
3.3X3 72.5Kg           ENFUSION LEAGUENordin Ben Moh (Morocco)            Vs       Diogo Neves (Portugal)Schermafbeelding 2017-09-28 om 1330094.3X3 72.5Kg           ENFUSION LEAGUETayfun Ozcan (Turkey)        Vs       Redouan Laarkoubi (The Netherlands)Schermafbeelding 2017-09-28 om 132947
5.3X3 72.5Kg           ENFUSION LEAGUEMohammed Jaraya (Morocco)      Vs       Yassin Baitar (Belgium)
Schermafbeelding 2017-09-28 om 1330346. 5X3 Heavyweight ENFUSION WORLD TITLEJahfarr Wilnis (The Netherlands)             Vs       Louis Tavares (The Netherlands)Schermafbeelding 2017-09-28 om 133046
7. 3X3 70Kg

Mohamed Khamal (Morocco)       Vs       Superbon Banchamek (Thailand)
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